About us


Bwise Financial Solutions (Pty) Limited, Registration Number 2001/026249/07, is a Registered Financial Services Provider with FSP no 43665. Bwise is a financial services company who focuses on understanding the needs of the Advisers - both financially and emotionally. With the support of a national team, we can assist in securing your future.

Our Objective

Our objective is clear - to empower you to become a successful business owner with a sense of belonging.

Our Purpose

To make financial freedom a reality for you.

Our Values

  • Advisers - the heart of our business
  • A fine reputation - built on respect, integrity, accountability and hard work
  • Win-win partnerships - the way we work
  • Getting it right - consistently
  • Excellent service - a non-negotiable

Bwise prides itself on the high standard of its team's professionalism. The team comprises individual
specialists with different, yet complementary skills. You will be provided with tools to ensure that you are a forerunner of the dynamic insurance industry. Our management and support staff will gladly assist you in your practice.

Ethical Code of Conduct

We agree to abide by the Ethical Code of Conduct laid down by Bwise.

The Bwise Brand

We endeavour to build a strong brand and you will utilize the Bwise brand.


At Bwise we have a zero tolerance for non compliance.

We shall guide you through the compliance process, giving you time to focus on the development of your business – providing advice. The compliance manual with supporting documentation and our electronic business processing tool provides you with all the relevant information.


We strive to have honest and informative communication at all times and invite you to engage with us in a similar fashion.

We shall keep you up to date with relevant information via e-mail and sms. We also strive to engage on a personal level with you through information sessions and personal visits.

Bwise E-mail

Bwise e-mail addresses will be created for you. Due to the burden placed on Bwise as a licence holder to fulfil its obligations in terms of FAIS and other legislation, all official communication will only be directed to your Bwise e-mail address.

Website and Facebook

Bwise Financial Solutions will have a web site and Facebook presence. Clients and Advisers can be referred to the site for credibility purposes. The website can be accessed at www.bwise.co.za and Facebook at www.facebook.com/Bwise03.

Professional Indemnity Cover

We ensure peace of mind for you by maintaining Professional Indemnity cover with a complete portfolio. A schedule will be provided to you in this regard.

Integrated Business Advice Tool (Atwork)

We utilize an integrated business advice tool (atWork) which is a web-based system.  We provide support in utilizing the system.  The utilization of the system is compulsory for compliance and commission administration purposes. 


We provide access to Astute to the Life and Investment advisers.

FSB Licensing

We are licensed in most of the financial product categories. We provide you with a mandate to function under our FSP licence.

Profile of Principle

As a director of Bwise Financial Solutions Group, my primary focus is on impacting peoples' lives on a daily basis through open and honest communication. I graduated at the University of Pretoria and hold a B.Com (Hons) LL.B degree. I have an Advanced Tax Diploma, MBL, CFP and COP.

I have been a member of inter alia the following:-

  • The High Court of South Africa
  • The Compliance Institute of South Africa
  • The Financial Planning Institute of South Africa
  • The Insurance Institute of South Africa
  • The Financial Intermediaries Association of Southern Africa

I started my career as an attorney. I then joined ABSA Brokers on 1 April 1993 as a Legal Consultant in the legal department. I was a broker for a short period of time when Absa Brokers approached me to work in die Product Development Department. I then started the Compliance Department. After the successful establishment of the department, I moved to Absa Personal Financial Services (Private Bank) in the position of Manager: Financial Planning and Compliance.

On 1 November 2001 I was offered a position to start and head the Data Brokers Department in Absa Brokers. It started with two Franchise Holders and a few brokers and quickly moved up to a successful team of 11 Franchise Holders and around 200 brokers.

In June 2008 I was requested to head Adviser Channel at Absa Insurance and Financial Services with
approximately 1200 advisers.

In January 2010, I resigned from Absa Insurance and Advisers after a career of 17 years. I joined Momentum as a business consultant.

During my career at Absa I received numerous awards, namely:-

  • 1995 Absa Certificate for excellent services rendered
  • 1996 Absa Management Award for an excellent contribution
  • 2000 Absa Divisional Quality Award (Compliance) for an excellent contribution
  • 2005 Absa Prestige Award (Data Brokers) for outstanding performance
  • 2008 Absa Long Service Award for 15 years service
  • 2008 Absa Dolphin Award for excellence and quality

I started Bwise Financial Solutions to give Advisers the best of the best. At Bwise we have the freedom to select from among the best companies to provide the most appropriate products for our Advisers. In today's highly competitive market, my goal is to provide superior service and reliability in order to create a long term and trustworthy relationship between all stakeholders. Trust is imperative in all relationships.

Thank you for putting your trust in Bwise Financial Solutions.