Rules of Engagement

1. Bwise Financial Solutions recognises its obligation to set and uphold the highest standards of
professionalism and to promote ethical behaviour, attitudes and judgements on your part and
of our workforce by:-
  • Protecting the client's information
  • Complying with all Financial Services Legislation
  • Provide clients with the best advice
  • Providing clients with the best products and services which will fulfil the client's needs
  • Disclosing the commission earned on all transactions
  • Never receiving any funds from a client, other than fees that are disclosed/agreed
    beforehand with the client
These rules provide guidance on the behaviour expected of Advisers and the workforce of
Bwise Financial Solutions.
3. Ethics is related to the control of power. Some clients have a lack of knowledge and certainty
in the Financial Industry compared to the Adviser whose advice they require. These rules
encapsulate the professionalism of Bwise Financial Solutions to support you in your
professional activities, reassure the clients that it is worthy of their trust and to clarify the
expectations of all.
These rules are based on four ethical principles, which constitute the main domains of
responsibility within which ethical issues are considered. These are:-
  • Respect
  • Competency
  • Responsibility
  • Integrity


You value the dignity and worth of all persons, with sensitivity to the dynamics of perceived
authority or influence over clients and with particular regard to people's right, including those
of privacy and self determination.


You value the continuing development and maintenance of high standards of competence in
your professional work and the importance of preserving your ability to function optimally
within the recognised limits of your knowledge, skill, training, education and experience.


You value your responsibilities to clients and to the Financial Industry, including the avoidance
of harm and the prevention of misuse or abuse of your position.


You value honesty, accuracy, clarity and transparency in your interactions with all persons and
seek to promote integrity in all facets of your business.