Control: Realizing income potential and wealth building opportunities can only come when you are in control.

Leadership: Bwise, a national financial solutions group, can assist to secure your future in a dynamic and changing industry which demands integrity and intelligence. Advisers at Bwise are provided with the tools to ensure they are forerunners of the dynamic financial planning industry.

Adviser Profile: This value proposition is for the Adviser seeking true independence with a sense of belonging and protection. We offer a range of services to suit the needs of the Independent Adviser.

Partnership: Bwise’s most important resource is “YOU”, the person who makes or facilitates a sale. Loyal Advisers will create value for themselves with the support of Bwise. We believe that the mutual creation of value forms the cornerstone of you being able to operate a successful financial services business.

Ownership: At Bwise, Adviors are equipped to be business owners and to build a business with a true transferable value. We define succession planning or exit strategies for each Adviser.

Passionate Support: With services ranging from, inter alia, compliance, practice management and commission administration, Bwise recognizes the need for end-to-end support. Bwise provides its Adviser with a quality of service that is unique in the financial services industry.

Compliance: Our rigorous procedural framework is founded on extensive knowledge and in-depth research into the financial and economic environment.

Team Work: Bwise prides itself on the high standard of our team’s professionalism. The team comprises individual specialists with different, yet complementary skills.

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